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Composer to Craft New Loveland Aquarium Music Live in Galleries

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Welcomes World-Renowned Musician Douglas Morton.

In a new and unique event, “Sea Melodies: Douglas Morton Live,” internationally-renowned musician and sound designer, Douglas Morton, will perform live at the Loveland Aquarium in front of the Ocean Explorer Shark Exhibit from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 17. This is the first of three performances scheduled at the Aquarium this summer. Morton will not only play his signature immersive arrangements, but he’ll compose new soundtracks for several galleries, drawing melodic inspiration from the animals’ movement.

“The animals truly inspire the music. For example, I will watch the jellies, timing their pulses as they move through the water. Those pulses then become the tempo of the song and the beginning of the musical score for that gallery or exhibit,” said Morton. Morton created the Aquarium’s existing soundtrack for all five galleries, but is returning to compose entirely new musical scores throughout the summer. Guests are encouraged to interact with him, ask questions as he performs, and learn about the process of creating a piece of music for an Aquarium.

“It’s an opportunity to give the public a sneak peek behind the scenes of the artistry and how we create these exhibits. We’re so used to seeing the end result of concerts and shows, but little is known about what goes into the design,” said Morton.

Morton will also play his signature immersive arrangements and copies of his popular CD, “Music for Aquariums,” will be available for purchase. He will return to the Aquarium for additional performances on Saturday, July 15, and Saturday, August 12.

WHAT: Sea Melodies: Douglas Morton Live
WHEN: Saturday, June 17.
WHERE: Shark Exhibit, Ocean Explorer Gallery
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
12033 S. Lone Peak Parkway, Draper, UT 84020


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