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Easy-Peasy Pupsicle Recipes To Try With Your Little Ones


Time in the Kitchen Advances Several Areas of Kids’ Development

Spring is a lot of fun for the whole family, but the weather isn’t always predictable! One day it can be scorching hot, the next day it might rain cats and dogs! If the latter catches you off-guard, it might be the time to find a fun activity inside the house…which isn’t always easy, especially if your family has a short attention span!

Teaching your kids to cook is a wonderful way to bond and learn new skills. It’s also easy on the wallet! If you weren’t sold at “fun and thrifty,” recent studies have also shown that cooking is beneficial for child development. Kids can learn many new skills while in the kitchen, and it’s fun! Here are some of the leading benefits of cooking with your kids:

Physical Development

The techniques we learn in the kitchen, like mixing, stirring, pouring, peeling and so on, all help a child’s physical development. We learn how to use our hands, improve muscle control and improve our eye-hand coordination by learning how to cook.

Social-Emotional Development

Some kids love their independence more than others! If you have a bossy little one, nothing will make them happier than letting them take charge of a recipe! Playing project manager in the kitchen helps kids learn about taking pride in their work, along with problem solving abilities. Following an easy and safe recipe, like Pupsicles, is a great opportunity for your child to follow directions and create something with confidence.

Cognitive Development

Assembling recipes and following sequences are all important for cognitive development. Easy and simple sequences are the building blocks for learning more complicated sequences later on in life.

Language Development

The printable below is designed with language development in mind. Preschoolers can match words with the pictures, and physically pick up the ingredients to add a tactile dimension to their vocabulary education.

Team Work

It’s important to teach children at a young age how to work together as a team! Working together in the kitchen is a fun and educational way to bring the concept of teamwork to life. Creating a dish for someone else, in this case a lucky puppy, also teaches the importance of generosity and the joy of caring for others without personal gain.

Although baking is fun and productive, not every family wants to get busy in the kitchen on a regular basis. Following recipes is great — until an advanced recipe calls for a burning stove and a hot oven. Add knives, or other sharp tools, and suddenly it all seems a bit too stressful for an overworked mom or dad! While cupcakes and cookies are fun and delicious to bake, peeling a child in the throes of a sugar rush off the ceiling isn’t exactly any parent’s idea of a good time.

Which is why this printable from DogPack is the perfect choice when you need a rainy day activity that won’t plunge your household into chaos! Pupsicles are a heat-free treat for your dog (or your neighbor’s dog, if you don’t have a pet of your own!) that bypass tempting ingredients. If you have a little one who likes to eat half of what they bake, your kid can happily snack on wholesome ingredients like bananas or blueberries while you assemble these pupsicles.

Have you made a unique Pupsicle? Share your favorite ingredients in the comments below!


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