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Lost Pet Tips During Firework Season


What would you do if you lost or found a pet during the July 24 celebrations?

The Humane Society of Utah Adoptions and Foster Departments will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the Clinic will be open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, July 25, in observance of Pioneer Day.

With the extended period of allowable firework activity July 21-27 in celebration of Utah Pioneer Day, the Humane Society of Utah urges pet owners to get their pet microchipped, ensure they are wearing current identification tags, and keep their pet safely indoors. Pets may try to escape the loud noise, the smell of sulfur and bright lights from fireworks which may lead to injury or loss.

If your pet goes missing, the following tips are important to keep in mind:

  • Visit your local animal control services first. Walk through animal shelters in person since it may be difficult to describe your pet over the phone. Animal control services will hold a stray animal for five working days before allowing it to be adopted by a new owner.
  • Post a lost pet flyer with a color photo of your pet in local vet offices, grooming shops, pet stores, animal shelters and other public places in the area where the pet was lost.
  • Visit the Humane Society of Utah Receiving Department to complete a lost pet profile, post your flyer and check their Stray Book. Keep visiting HSU, local animal control services, and veterinary clinics in person each day.
  • Search online stray listings such as,, or Utah Lost and Found Pets Facebook group.

If you find a lost pet:

  • Check for identification tags and contact the owner.
  • If there is no identification tag or owner information, call your local animal control services or bring the pet to them as soon as possible. If animal control services are closed and you cannot care for the animal until they are open, some emergency veterinary clinics will scan the animal for a microchip ID to find owner contact information.
  • Do not keep a stray pet for longer than 24 hours and try to locate the owner yourself. Pet owners will try to locate their pet at their local animal control agency and may miss online postings. It is illegal to harbor a stray animal longer than 24 business hours. Some animal control services will no longer consider the animal a stray if someone has been caring for it three days or longer.
  • Post details of the animal on lost pet sites as listed above. Include location, date and time found, pet’s physical description and the name of local animal control services location where you bring the animal.

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