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New Baby Gentoo Penguin at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


Loveland Living Planet Aquarium today announced a new baby Gentoo penguin! Coco and Gossamer are the proud parents. This chick is about a month old. Gentoo penguins grow very fast — they are full grown in about 60 days!

Gentoo penguins build their nests out of stones. Both parents take turns sitting on the egg and caring for the chick after it hatches. Chicks fledge (leave the nest) at about 75 days old. The parents continue to feed them for several more weeks.

The Penguin Research Station, sponsored by Mountain America Credit Union, is part of the Antarctic Adventure gallery at the Aquarium. To follow the progress of the growing penguin family, watch a live stream on the Aquarium’s Penguin Cam.


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