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Santa Claus Makes Free Phone Calls


With just days to go until Christmas Eve, Santa Claus has carved time from his busy schedule to spread cheer to children everywhere. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles arrange for these telephone calls directly through Santa’s website,

This reporter is on the ground here at the North Pole with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a large group of surprisingly cheerful elves. A buzz of excitement sparks the air as Jolly Old Saint Nick walks through the village and into his warm, cozy office. “He’s going to make calls!” cried an excited elf.

Asked what makes these calls so special, the elf answered with authority, “These are very special telephone calls! Nobody has Santa’s number, no one gets to call Santa Claus, so once a year Santa sits down and calls all the children whose names have been submitted to his website. The adults in a child’s life can even decide which message they would like Santa to share, depending on what is going on in their child’s life. Santa addresses children who have been very good, as well as those who are getting into a little too much mischief. He can ask a child to send a Christmas wish list, and can even call on Christmas Eve to remind an excited boy or girl that it is time to go to sleep!”

The next best thing to having direct access to Santa Claus’s number is having access to the special website run by The Original Santa’s Phone Calls. Offering more than just free recorded telephone calls, the site allows adults to order upgraded services, such as a live call on the day and time of their choosing so their child can talk to Santa. Grownups can order a personalized letter from Santa written especially for their child, and even find unusual gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

After several hours in his office, Santa emerged, a smile on his jolly face. “How did it go?” yelled an excited elf.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa laughed, his voice booming across the village square. “Those children may not have my phone number, but they sure were excited to receive a phone call from me! I left a message for some very special children and was able to have a conversation with others. It all makes me feel extra cheerful!”

Another elf quickly climbed the stairs in front of the candy cane shop and called out a final question, “Why do you do it, Santa?”

Santa stopped for a moment to consider his response. “I do this to remind children the importance of being good,” Santa said. “There is a famous child psychiatrist in New York City named Dr. Matthew Lorber, who by the way, was always a very good boy. Matthew told a magazine called Live Science that believing in me, believing in elves, believing in the power of goodness helps children develop a creative mind. I would say that is one of the main reasons I continue to make calls.”

Santa’s blue eyes lit in delight as he added, “We all know that we can’t hand out Santa’s phone number willynilly. We would spend all day talking to telemarketers! It is better this way. I am able to reach out to children when they least expect it, and when they need it the most.”

SOURCE: The Original Santa’s Phone Calls


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