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SLAC Presents The World Premiere of ‘Climbing with Tigers’


Performance adapted for the stage by Troy Deutsch, based on the book by Nathan Glad and Dallas Graham, in collaboration with Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory and the Red Fred Project

We all have limits. What are yours? Where do you draw the line? What do you stop yourself from doing even before you’ve tried or even begun? What have you not done today because maybe you’re too scared or maybe you don’t know the way?

Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC) is incredibly proud to partner with Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory and the Red Fred Project to present the World Premiere of ‘Climbing with Tigers’, adapted for the stage by Troy Deutsch, based on the book by Nathan Glad and Dallas GrahamClimbing with Tigers’, running March 4- 27.

‘Climbing with Tigers’ is a theatrical spectacular for all ages that has assembled a collection of artists specializing in music, storytelling, animation and film to invite audiences into the world of a little black bird named Blue. Through vibrant and captivating imagery, a story of overcoming one’s obstacles unfolds by immersing the audience in a highly saturated world of childlike wonder, executed with immeasurable joy and exceeding artistic integrity.

‘Climbing with Tigers’ tells the story of a little black bird named Blue who with the help of his friends takes on the challenge of a lifetime. This charming story is based on the book by 9-year-old Nathan Glad who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones disease) and Dallas Graham who founded the Red Fred Project. The Red Fred Project is a wonderful collaboration through which Graham co-creates original stories with magically creative children living with critical illnesses. Through humor, compassion and wisdom these children get the opportunity to share their view of the world. These collaborative endeavors empower children, like Nathan, who have faced significant challenges in their short lifetimes to tell their stories, overcome their fears, and live through the imaginative worlds of their own creation. The transformation of Nathan’s book to a live production allows an audience to inhabit the world he has created, and this magical production will inspire audiences of all ages to embrace their unfathomable capacity to overcome challenges.

Founder of the Red Fred Project Dallas Graham says:

“This play matters the same way a white dandelion matters, just before its beautiful umbrella seeds launch into the wind. I couldn’t have predicted the awe and wonder I would feel in my heart when Nathan agreed to make a story with me. That feeling grew stronger when Flying Bobcat agreed to workshop the importance of story in theatre, using Nathan’s book. But, when SLAC asked if they could produce ‘Climbing with Tigers’ my heart’s door flew wide open and I wept. To me, this coming together of creative talents, is the breath of all children, everywhere, blowing a wish-story into the universe destined to touch the center of thousands.”

Director Alexandra Harbold says:

“After our first workshop, I knew in my heart that ‘Climbing with Tigers’ will be needing a professional theatre. Salt Lake Acting Company has been a home for me; from seeing my first professional play to my first professional acting job. I couldn’t imagine any other place than SLAC to take on this task of producing Climbing. As storytellers we’ve all come together because we believe in the Red Fred Project and Nathan’s wonderful story of little bird named Blue.”

Free Community Performances

SLAC announced they will be offering free performances to families at the Ronald McDonald House, Shriners Hospitals for Children-Salt Lake City, Christmas Box House, Angel’s Hands, Boys and Girls Club-Capital West, Boys and Girls Club-Sugarhouse and Refugee and Immigrant Center Asian Association of Utah. These performances will allow children and their loved ones to share in the uplifting story of ‘Climbing with Tigers’ and will be provided at no cost.

For the second time this season Salt Lake Acting Company is offering its Title 1 Matinee Arts Education Program, which allows underprivileged schoolchildren to experience the magic of live theatre at no cost to them or their schools.

Red Fred Project

During the run of the CLIMBING WITH TIGERS books and merchandise for the Red Fred Project will be sold in the lobby, with all proceeds returning to the organization to help fund the creation of more books.


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