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Take a Peak at What’s On Offer at the Aquarium’s New Asia Exhibit


We were delighted to receive an invite to the Grand Opening of the Living Planet Aquarium’s new Exhibition: Asia installation. We’re equally delighted to report back it’s worth the trip back to the Aquarium for all who think they’ve been there, done that!

Stealing the show in the new exhibit are the clouded leopards, Koshi and Rhu. Koshi, the larger of the two, is the male. Rhu appears a little diminutive at his side, but is clearly not a cat you’d want to mess with. Both are beautifully agile athletes, making climbing look as easy as walking. The patterns on their coats are simply mesmerizing.

For fans of otters, there’s a new bunch in the Asia exhibit. While we were there, they followed the example often set by their counterparts in the Utah Exhibit. They were sleeping in a pile after playing hard. Timing is everything when seeing both sets of Otters. They’re either playing hard or sleeping hard!

In addition to the cats and the otters, the exhibit includes a variety of avian and aquatic life, including colorful ducks, doves and pheasants and exotic jelly fish, catfish shell fish. The reptile kingdom is represented by green tree monitors, a borneo short-tailed python, a sailfin dragon and a Chinese tree dragon.

The Aquarium located at 12033 Lone Peak Pkwy in Draper and is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tickets are $17.95 for adults, $14.95 for students, teens and seniors, $12.95 for children, and free for kids 2 and under.



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