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The Nest Designs Bib Bandana


The older my little boy gets the messier meal times seem to become. Not to mention the endless streams of liquids that make their way out of his growing body and onto his outfits. Bibs get yucky over time, as well as clothing, so what’s a momma to do?

I recently discovered The Nest Design’s bamboo bandana bibs. These were exactly the trendy sort of bibs I was looking for to help prevent more needlessly ruined clothing. They are cute enough that you can’t really tell their practical use. I love that they come in many neutral patterns, making them an accessory that matches every outfit in your little one’s closet.

One of my favorite things about these bandana bibs is that they have two sizes, so your little one doesn’t outgrow it after a single meal. They’re light weight material also makes it so they aren’t too warm, but, if needed, you could use it to layer with clothing in the winter time, in order to help keep your kids warm. These are definitely becoming a go-to piece for any outfit, snack, or meal time in our house.

These bandana bib’s and other cute clothing and accessories are available at

Lexy Sauve lives in Ogden, Utah with her husband, Brian, and little boy, Ari Judah. She is a stay at home mom who enjoys being on staff with Deeply Rooted Magazine. She also enjoys going on bike rides with her family, cooking, exploring new coffee shops, and writing.

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