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Gearing Up Your Winter Gear


The fall colors may be bright, but they’re short-lived in the Wasatch during fall seasons like this one. Snow in the mountains in September and October shouts for families to get ready for winter fun in the mountains! Our first two snowfalls of snow that “stuck” (more than a trace) happened in September, and then in the first week of October we have had even more!

Newspapers in the Salt Lake area begin thickening with ads for ski, snowboard and resort pass sales in September. Most of the big deals are gone only a week or two after Labor Day, but some other discounts remain. Swaps pop up in September, October and November where used gear can be found (see Ski Utah website for a list of swaps here). Of course, gearing up before winter can save money for the whole family.

Those with gear must make sure it’s in good working order and still fits before using it. Those without gear will generally spend less on new and used gear if they buy in October rather than in December. Ski and snowboard shops can tune skis and boards, as well as repair bases. Shops can also check and lubricate bindings (this is recommended annually for skis.) The first day on snow will be one with greater peace of mind, and more cash in the pocket, if “fall forethought” has been employed. (Some shops offer fall season discounts on service of equipment, i.e. REI’s here).

It’s worth the effort to search for pre-season lesson discounts as well. There are some unusual offerings like “Bring a Friend” that offers prizes for enrolling beginners in lessons (see here). Brighton offers a 10% discounts on three-to five-week multi-week lessons for children and adults, if they are paid for early season. Even though the purchase is made early season, the lessons happen at the time in the season that the participant is signed-up for (kids lesson discounts can be seen here and adult multi-week lesson discounts can be seen here).

Crispness on the skin and leaf colors splashing the eyes send the winter enthusiasts thirsting for skiing and snowboarding. Discounts on clothing, equipment, lessons, shop services, and passes make what’s been thought to be an expensive sport, much more affordable. Even folks who are not interested in participating in winter sports themselves might consider making purchases at this time for exciting gifts for family members for the holidays.

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