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Grinchmas 2015 at Universal Studios Hollywood


If you’re interested in movies and television or just wholesome fun, visit Universal Studios.  Opened 50 years ago in conjunction with the film studio that has produced some of the world’s biggest grossing movies, it combines a backstage studio tour with a theme park.

The Studio Tour is a tram ride that takes you on the Universal lot where you’ll see the sets from such movie classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 movie Psycho, and physically experience your tram being threatened by a T. rex and King Kong, Jaws, a flash flood and an earthquake.

The rides were fabulous.  One of our favorites was The Simpsons Ride, in which you ride on a simulated roller coaster combined with a zany film of the Simpsons characters.  If you like dinosaurs and don’t mind getting wet, try the Jurassic Park ride.  You see lifelike dinosaurs and take an exciting plunge at the end.

They offer several live shows.  One, WaterWorld, was an exciting show combining stuntmen and water.  Another, Special Effects Stage, demonstrated how Hollywood’s dramatic visual effects work.  A third, Animal Actors, was our children’s favorite.  Seventy-five different animals, from dogs to guinea pigs, performed tricks onstage to the delight of audiences.  Afterward, we had a chance to meet the animal performers.

And, we went during “Grinchmas,” the park’s annual Christmas celebration which runs through January 3, 2016.  We met characters from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas—including the Grinch and his dog Max—and enjoyed lived shows themed to the season.

We ate burgers and fries at Krusty Burger, in the Springfield/Simpsons section of the park.  Also, we saw many live characters of different eras strolling through the park for photo opportunities.

One suggestion if you can afford a little extra: get the Front of the Line Pass and you’ll find yourself walking onto the attractions.  It allowed us to avoid the lines and hit all the major attractions in a single day.

Something to look forward to in 2016: On April 7, Universal Studios Hollywood will open a new attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  From throughout the park we could see Hogwarts castle, which although not yet open to the public, could be seen while walking through the park.  We’ll definitely be back.

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Jim Graves

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