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Galactic Grown-ups at The County Library and Clark Planetarium

The County Library and Clark Planetarium are proving you’re never too old to learn something new.

Galactic Grown-ups is a new program that makes the childhood dreams of space enthusiasts come true with a virtual lunar surface adventure. An immersive virtual reality (VR) program allows participants to experience the effects of the moon’s gravity on objects as they plucked from a virtual table and hurled across the moon’s surface.

“The VR program really highlights the effects of the lower gravitational force on the moon,” Senior Librarian Liesl Seborg said. “Throwing the items, which include baseballs, golf clubs and boxes, provides a great educational STEM experience and its really fun.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity, via the Art and Cosmic Connection program, to use actual NASA data to create fabulous art based on geologic and atmospheric features of objects found within our solar system.

“Science can inspire art, and art can inspire science,” Seborg said. “Cosmic Connection artwork begins on Earth and creates awareness that finds its way to space.”

Cosmic artists will use beautiful pastels to create illustrations of the surfaces of planets, asteroids, comets, moons and more.

Galactic Grown-ups is presented in partnership with Clark Planetarium.

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What: Galactic Grown-ups .
Lunar VR Experience

Where: The County Library | Whitmore .
Monday, November 4, 7 p.m.
The County Library | South Jordan
Thursday, November 7, 7 p.m.

What: Galactic Grown-ups
Art & Cosmic Connection

Where: The County Library | Bingham Creek
Wednesday, November 6, 7 p.m.
The County Library | Sandy
Wednesday, November 13, 7 p.m.

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