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Dr. Calm Offers Prescriptions for Overcoming Bitter Feelings from the 2016 Election and Building a Brighter Future


Kiran Dintyala, an internal medicine physician and author, shares tips for bringing the country back together after the historic upset.

The voters have spoken and Donald J. Trump is the president-elect. But for many people—women who had hoped to elect the first female president, blacks, Hispanics, millennials and others who were upset by Trump’s policies and character flaws—the hard work of acceptance and moving on is only beginning.

Dr. Calm (real name Kiran Dintyala) is on call to be part of the dialogue that must now take place. A frequent talk show guest and the author of Calm in the Midst of Chaos, he suggests that those unhappy about the election results do the following:

  • Refuse to engage in political arguments with friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Avoid dwelling on the past. Remember, the past exists only in your mind so don’t dwell on the election results and they will lose their grip over you.
  • Be mindful that failure is the stepping stone for success. Accept your failures and our nation’s and work toward transforming them.
  • Remember that the future is a figment of your imagination. A fearful future has no basis in reality nor does it have a place in our present.
  • Staying calm anchors you to the present and helps you see solutions.
  • Always live in the present to eliminate stress from your life. Trump does not become president until Inauguration Day.

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