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Hogle Zoo Offers Class for Special Needs Students


Register by April 12 for Hogle Zoo’s Next Zoo for You Class.

Discover the pollination sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Did you know that one of every three bites of food grows because of pollinators? Uncover the amazing animals that help plants grow, and some amazing animal facts. Many pollinators are in trouble, and scientists need your help to protect them. Find out ways that you can participate in citizen science, right from your own backyard. Class includes a short instructional time with pictures, animal artifacts, live animals and guided short visit in the Zoo for the child and accompanying adult.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo’s “Zoo Just for You” programming has been developed specifically for students with special needs. Live animals, photographs, skull models, pelts, animal figures and more are used to engage students and demonstrate concepts. The program utilizes a sensory motor approach where students move between stations and are encouraged to touch, smell and feel all appropriate items. The program can be geared towards students of any age and functioning level.

The April 19 class, “What’s the Buzz,” is designed for students ages 14-25 with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays. The class fee is $10 and includes an accompanying adult. All students must register online in advance by April 12 to ensure their place in the class. Visit for more information and to register your child. Email Elise at for more information.


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