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Local Miscarriage Support Group Offers Safe Haven for Those in Grief


When soon to be parents first find out they are expecting, excitement and buzz fill the air. However, when those hopes are crushed due to a miscarriage, grieving parents may find themselves with little to no support. Many medical professionals lack the resources to provide parents suffering from a loss. Esther Standard founded Miscarriage Matters, Inc. following her own loss, to support others going through struggles similar to those she experienced. Ms. Stanard explains her motivation: “Unfortunately, many of us didn’t find support and for that reason, we have an overwhelming drive and determination to let others know that they are not alone in their grief. If you need support, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to be there for you.” Openness, healing, and encouragement are the cornerstones of this young 501(c)3 charitable organization.

What makes this organization unique is that support is provided to grieving parents via a one-on-one mentoring program. These mentors each have suffered a Pregnancy and/or Early Infant Loss of their own and are willing to aid other parents through the grieving process. The organization uses a big sister/little sister approach, and it has proven to be successful.

While all volunteers in mentoring roles have gone through a loss, having a loss is not a prerequisite for volunteering. There is much to do to support. Because the organization offers online services, its volunteer staff is able to work from the convenience of their own homes, and they all play a vital role. The Live Chat team answers questions on a web portal and provides direct support to grieving parents. The Marketing team works behind-the-scenes creating graphics and utilizing social media to create awareness for the organization and its services.

The organization uses a big sister/little sister approach.

Miscarriage Matters, Inc. is increasing efforts to reach the medical community, and recently debuted a new radio show. Listeners can catch the show live or hear past episodes at As the organization continues to spread the word about the services they offer, support (financial, and an increase in volunteerism) is needed now more than ever! Volunteer Recruiter Sara Ryndfleisz reported, “We need more volunteers to support the increase in mothers and fathers coming to us for help, and to take care of the growing administrative work that goes along with the organization. As the demand for support increases we need as many volunteers as possible both to support the parents and the operational functions.”  This organization is also proud to report that they do not pay salaries, therefore ALL donations received, are used to cover operational expenses. This is a key element, because Miscarriage Matters doesn’t believe that grieving parents should be charged a fee of any kind for the support they receive. This organization relies solely on the kindness and generosity of the community to cover expenses.

Parents who have suffered a loss and are in a position to offer support to others are encouraged to “pay it forward” and volunteer as a mentor. For those who have NOT suffered a loss, but still want to volunteer, there are other key roles in which you can serve. However, if you’re unable to give of your time, please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. Visit the group’s website and learn how you can send a donation via mail or through Paypal.

For more information on Miscarriage Matters, Inc., to get support related to Pregnancy Loss, or to apply as a volunteer, visit the organization’s website at For a complete list of available volunteer positions, visit


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