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Space Exploration is Shaping Your World at Clark Planetarium


Space exploration, and the science behind it, shape our everyday lives.

The Clark Planetarium invites the public to see these marvels up close and personal in the newest addition to the Hansen Dome Theatre, To Space and Back.

Co-written and produced by Philadelphia’s The Franklin Institute’s Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director Derrick Pitts, To Space and Back explores how our everyday lives are directly affected by the technologies developed for use in space exploration. Innovations such as alternative water purification systems and energy sources, turbine blades, home insulation, improvements in car safety and better fuel efficiency are all a result of space research and exploration, and all have directly impacted modern life on Earth.

To Space and Back opens to the public in the Hansen Dome Theatre on Friday, January 13th, 2017. Tickets are on sale now at

The film is not the only way the public can explore the modern marvels developed as a result of space exploration and space science engineering. The Clark Planetarium’s original, live presentation series, Night Vision, tackles topics ranging from “what’s up on Pluto” to space telescopes, robotic explorers, and even space science technology spin-offs. More information about upcoming presentations of Night Vision can be found on the Clark Planetarium web site.


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