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Share Your Story in the Beauty in Breastfeeding Project


Watch for a new breastfeeding story each Monday at

Art of Labor presents the Beauty In Breastfeeding Project, allowing real moms a chance to share their personal stories of triumphs, struggles & sacrifices while breastfeeding. A trio team of local businesses, Captured In Time Photography, Tiny Blessings Doula Services and Bud To Blossom, created and promote the project, allowing mothers throughout the State of Utah to share their personal breastfeeding journeys. To share your own story, visit

“Our goal is to raise awareness to those out there that throughout each struggle there is a triumph. There are so many mothers who never shared their feelings, problems or love of breastfeeding due to personal, medical or social stereotypes. This project has given them an opportunity to share their story and to let others out there know they aren’t alone!” states Laura Clouse of Captured In Time Photography. She adds, the project aims to showcase the support, awareness and beauty is behind each mother.

The project is a free service for mothers. Photography sessions are provided for mothers by Captured In Time Photography. Each participant receives a 20 min photo session with her child. All images are displayed and taken in a tasteful manner due to the nature of privacy. Mothers then decide on what images they would like to share with their own personal story. After the session clients will receive all images on a USB flash drive as a keepsake.

Tiny Blessing Doula Services and Bud to Blossom assist mothers in finding the resources, maternity & birth doula services, post partum services and classes they need.

August is the official breastfeeding awareness month. Watch for the Breastfeeding Café, a month-long outreach project of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, to feature the Beauty in Breastfeeding project the entire month of August. More information about the Breastfeeding Café can be found online at and in person at the Downtown SLC, Ogden, Wheeler Farm and Gardner Village farmers markets.


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